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Staying Ahead with Upgraded DALI Emergency Kits: Compliant and Ready for Action

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Each product in JINYI's DALI family not only meets the latest DALI2,0 Alliance requirements, but is also optimized for superior performance and reliability.

At Jinyi Lighting, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of industry standards, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed expectations. As 2024 is beginning, we would like to share some exciting updates regarding our DALI emergency kits.


Towards the end of the year of 2023, the DALI Alliance introduced significant updates to testing protocols. This led to a situation where most DALI 2.0 products in the market no longer met the revised requirements. Responding promptly to both the new DALI Alliance regulations and the evolving market demands, Jinyi Lighting took immediate action.


We proactively engaged with the updated DALI2,0 testing criteria, understanding the changes inside out. As a result, we swiftly adjusted and updated our existing product lines to ensure they align seamlessly with the latest standards set by the DALI Alliance.


The culmination of these efforts is our comprehensive DALI2,0 emergency kit range, which has now undergone rigorous testing and received the stamp of approval. Each product within our DALI lineup is not only compliant with the updated DALI Alliance requirements but also optimized for superior performance and reliability.


Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions remains unwavering. As the landscape of industry standards evolves, we are dedicated to adapting and enhancing our offerings to meet and exceed your expectations.


We appreciate your trust in Jinyi Lighting as your preferred lighting solutions provider. Stay connected for more updates and innovations as we continue to illuminate your world with excellence.




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