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JINYI Announces Qingming Festival Holiday Schedule

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JINYI's Qingming Festival Break: April 4th - April 6th

Dear Valued Employees, Customers, and Partners,

In honor of the upcoming Qingming Festival, JINYI is excited to announce a special break for all our hardworking team members!

Mark your calendars: April 4th to April 6th will be a time for rest, reflection, and family bonding as we observe this cherished Chinese tradition.

What is Qingming Festival? Also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, Qingming is a time-honored occasion where families pay respects to their ancestors by visiting their gravesites, cleaning tombs, and cherishing memories.

Our Wishes: May this Qingming Festival bring you moments of peace, connection, and joy as you honor your heritage and spend quality time with loved ones.

Back to Business: Normal operations will resume on April 7th as we return refreshed and rejuvenated to continue our journey of success together.

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