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Explosion-proof fire emergency sign lamp-3315

Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, surface high-voltage electrostatic spraying, with good anti-corrosion performance, stainless steel exposed fasteners< Br/> Tempered glass transparent parts resistant to high-energy impacts< Br/> Silicone rubber sealing strip, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, with good waterproof and dust-proof performance< Br/> Ultra long service life, long-term maintenance free< Br/>

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    Aluminum alloy die-cast shell, high-voltage electrostatic spraying on the surface, good anti-corrosion performance, stainless steel exposed fasteners.
    Tempered glass transparent parts that are resistant to high-energy impacts.
    Silicone rubber sealing strip, resistant to high and low temperatures, anti-aging, and has good waterproof and dustproof properties.
    Extra long service life, long-term maintenance-free.

    Technical Parameters

    model JY-BLJC-1LROEI 1W-3315
    Power supply centralized power supply
    bus mode Non-polar/two-wire system
    Operating mode Persistent
    Operating Voltage DC24V/DC36V
    rated power 1W
    emergency time ≥90min
    surface brightness 50cd/㎡~300cd/㎡
    Surface material Die-cast aluminum + tempered glass
    Protection level IP67
    Explosion-proof signs Exeb ib mb IIC T6 Gb; Ex tb IIIC T80℃ Db
    Dimensions L360mm*W165mm*H55mm
    Installation method Wall mounting
    Application scenarios Hazardous places such as factories, chemical industry, oil refining, dust, oil extraction, medicine, military industry and military facilities

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