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Centralized control fire emergency sign lamp-3312S

Stainless steel integrated molding
Screw free design, beautiful appearance and not easily damaged
Ultra thin body, fully automated assembly design

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    Stainless steel one-piece molding
    , screw-free design, beautiful appearance and not easily damaged,
    ultra-thin body, fully automated assembly design


    Technical Parameters

    model JY-BLJC-2LROE II 1W-3312S
    JY-BLJC-1LROE II 1W-3312S
    JY-BLZC-2LROE II 1W-3312S
    JY-BLZC-1LROE II 1W-3312S
    Power supply centralized power supply Comes with power supply
    bus mode Non-polar/two-wire system Non-polar/two-wire system
    Operating mode Persistent Persistent
    Operating Voltage DC24V/DC36V DC24V/DC36V
    rated power 1W 1W
    emergency time ≥90min ≥90min
    surface brightness 50cd/㎡~300cd/㎡ 50cd/㎡~300cd/㎡
    Surface material Stainless steel Stainless steel
    Protection level IP30 IP30
    Dimensions 365mm×150mm×15mm 365mm×150mm×15mm
    Installation method Ceiling/wall mounting/embedded in wall Ceiling/wall mounting/embedded in wall
    spare battery Li-ion 3.7V/300mAh
    Application scenarios 商业综合体、办公楼、地铁、会展中心、医院、学校、酒店、体育中心等

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